Initial consultation meeting to discuss wedding vision and details, Your own Workplace page to store files, notes, etc., (your planner will join you on the page 2 months out from your wedding.), Our “Rayne is Lucky on Your Wedding Day” guidance booklet, Access to "All Clients" Workplace page for questions and advice, Access to our preferred vendors list, Timeline creation, Venue walkthrough and wrap up meeting about 6 weeks before the event, Vendor management from one month before the event, Vendor confirmation one month and one week out from the event, Pick up of all needed decor for the setup of the wedding, One hour rehearsal direction, Onsite wedding management and execution of wedding day for up to 10 hours, Vendor assistance and management day of the event, Set up and strike of decor, Coordination of vendor day of payments, Access to our bridal emergency kit, Gathering of gifts and personal items

You have been planning every detail of this day since you were 6, and you have got it covered! You are organized, determined, and set to go - you just need someone to help you and your family enjoy your big day and check final details.

"KISS IN THE RAYNE": Coordination

Everything from the Singin’ in the Rayne package, plus - Vendor sourcing, and selection based on client’s vision and budget **this does not include venue, Oversee vendor contracts, Management of vendor details including services provided, payment schedules, and arrival/departure schedules - planner is the main point of contact, Assistance with hotel blocks, Budget management

Are you creative and artistic but the idea of details and contracts makes you go “ugh”? This package leaves the paperwork and numbers to your diligent planner while you get to go have fun choosing color schemes, flowers, and and centerpieces! Yay!

"LET IT RAYNE": Partial Planning

Everything from the Singin’ in the Rayne package, plus - Everything from the Let it Rayne package, plus - Everything from the Have You Ever Seen the Rayne package, Woah! :)

Are you ready for a team of new best friends? Your RARE planner and designer is ready to help you with every detail of your day. We will take care of everything from invitations to clean-up. I am sure you can imagine planning every detail of your wedding with someone can make you pretty close!

"RAYNE IS A GOOD THING": Full Planning/Design

Everything from the Kiss in the Rayne package, plus - Your own Workplace page with access to your planner ASAP!, Professional advice through Workplace for questions and guidance throughout the process, Monthly emails or posts leading up to the wedding to help keep you on track

You love the idea of planning your own wedding, but you would feel much better to have someone to check in with along the way and help you stay on track. Lucky for you, this package gives you a RARE planner as a friendly mentor through the planning process.

"SINGIN' IN THE RAYNE": Coordination Plus

Everything from the Singin’ in the Rayne package, plus - Initial design consultation, 3 personalized color scheme choices, Creation of online design presentation options, Ceremony site, tables capes, floral (alongside florist), and reception area design, Item/decor selection and sourcing, Secure all rentals needed for design, Creation, sourcing, and assembly of personalized wedding favors, Communication with coordinators on final design details for perfect execution, Design of paper materials if wanted, Assistance staying in decoration budget

Folders, sticky notes, fine details, and to do lists have always been your forte, but the idea of designing an event seems like the furthest thing from fun? Good thing you came to this page, because Kinsey Rayne Sarian absolutely loves it, and she has gotten pretty darn good at it too! This package includes Kinsey creating and executing all the design details of your event from top to bottom specifically and uniquely to you!


Personal meeting to discuss your relationship, your partner, and the unique love story you two share. 3 unique proposal ideas, Vendor sourcing, selection, and management, Budget management, Timeline creation, Execution of proposal

You know you have found the one, and you are ready to spend the rest of your life with them! Now what?!? Your soon to be other half deserves a proposal they will never forget. Well, take a deep breath - our RARE planners are here to help you plan a proposal that is unique to them and your love story together!

"I LOVE A RAYNE-Y NIGHT": Proposal Planning






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