Scenic mountain views, breathtaking venues, and a vibrant downtown metropolis; there is a reason that Colorado is ranked in the Top 20 destinations for weddings!

Colorado will always hold a special place in our hearts because it was the first branch to open up under the Right as Rayne umbrella. Since 2017, we have planned and executed some STUNNING weddings and events! 

We also love, love, LOVE, our Colorado friendors! You won't have to worry about a thing when couple Right as Rayne Events with our fabulous Vendor Partners! 



Right as Rayne Events Quincy Planning Weddings, Corporate Events, Community and Social Events



Quincy has been in the wedding industry for 10 years and has a passion for problem solving and logistics. Quincy also went to school for design and loves making clients' visions come to life!


What Pets Do You Have?
- Maverick - 2-year-old Golden doodle

What is Your Go-To Coffee Order?
- No coffee for me (not yet at least), black ice tea with juice is my go-to!

What is Your Favorite Show to Binge?
- Flash :) I'm a sucker for superheroes and action!



Brianna has worked in many aspects of the wedding industry and has been planning weddings and events since 2009. She loves making sure her couples feel supported and stress-free during their wedding and the planning process.

What Pets Do You Have?

- Unfortunately, we just recently had to put down our extremely beloved Mastiff/Lab mix, Finn. We'll eventually get another dog, but not ready for that yet :)

What is Your Go-To Coffee Order?
- I'm a tea girl, so my go-to is Iced Chai - preferably with more chai and less ice. Haha.


What is Your Favorite Show to Binge?
- I have so many!! One of them is "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries" + then its sister show, "Ms. Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries." I guess that's two ;)

Right as Rayne Events Brianna Planning Weddings, Corporate Events, Community and Social Events



Luisa's love for all things wedding related started in her backyard at age four, and she hasn't stopped creating, planning, or dreaming since! Luisa has been designing weddings and working her hand lettering magic on the wedding world since 2018, and is 100% committed to planning, coordinating, and making all things beautiful for the day of your dreams.

What Pets Do You Have?

- I have an albino hedgehog named Jez (pronounced y-esh!), the Polish word guessed it...Hedgehog!

What is Your Go-To Coffee Order?

- Chai Tea Latte for sure! I definitely judge a coffee shop- stay tuned for my best chai recommendations...

What is Your Favorite TV Show to Binge?

  1. My husband and I are on a Survivor binge right now, and I am living for 2008-era Jeff Probst's snark

Right as Rayne Events Staff Photos
A special thank you to Golden Roots Salon for doing our hair and makeup, and Megan Simpson Photo for taking our beautiful Colorado staff photos!



“ I worked with Quincy, who was AMAZING. She didn't forget a single detail and was a true professional, from the emergency kit stashed in the ladies' room to wrangling the flower girls right before they walked down the aisle.”

- Christi L


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Founder and lead designer of Right as Rayne Events, Kinsey Sarian shares her tactical approach about how to cut your wedding guest list down.

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