The non-traditional guest book is a VERY popular trend in weddings right now. Couples are opting for an alternative guest book rather than the standard "sign your name here on these tiny lines that we won't be able to read later" book. The possibilities are endless when it comes to deciding what you would like your guest book to be! Take what makes you unique as a couple and use it when creating your guest book. Take a look at just a few of our favorite guest books from our clients this year!

Create a Canvas

Sandra and Mike had a beautiful and fun wedding at the Museum of Natural Science in Sugar Land, TX. There were dinosaurs EVERYWHERE. Their guests had a truly unique experience as they not only got to witness Sandra and Mike becoming husband and wife, but they got to explore all of the exhibits of the museum! Sandra had this canvas made prior to the wedding and then put out metallic sharpies for all the guests to sign it. Just a simple variation from the traditional "sign your name here" guest book, but what a difference it made! Guests had a lot of fun making their mark on this piece of art, and now Sandra and Mike have a beautiful canvas that they can hang in their home! They can just look up at their wall whenever they need a reminder of their wedding day.

Picture Album Guest Book

Addie and Walker had a beautiful ceremony at La Posada in Santa Fe, NM. Their elegant and clean white and greenery wedding was loved by all! For their guest book, Addie and Walker had a photo album printed that had their engagement photos in it. Guests were able to flip through the photo album and admire the photos, and then choose a place inside the album to sign their name, and write a message to Addie and Walker. Now they have a beautiful reminder filled with not only signatures, but messages from the guests as well, with the most beautiful backdrop... themselves!

Polaroid Guest Book

Probably the most popular trend for guest books right now its the Polaroid Guest Book, and it is very easy to see why! Polaroid cameras are a great way to capture your guests in the moment during your wedding. Charlotte and Christian utilized this guest book during their wedding reception at the Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe, NM. All you need to create this fun, interactive guest book, is a blank book, something to write with, and the polaroid camera (or printer). Charlotte and Christian opted for a polaroid pinter rather than the traditional polaroid camera. This allowed for the photos of the guests to be taken on an iPhone, and then sent to the printer to be printed out and then pasted in to the booklet. You can choose whatever method works for you! Guests love polaroid guest books because it is fun to use, and a unique experience. Plus, you will love it for years to come because you have an accurate representation of who was there, what they looked like, and how much fun their were having!

Message in a Bottle

Bonus Guest Book from Charlotte & Christian

Charlotte and Christian also chose to have a "Message in a Bottle" station next to their Polaroid Guest Book. Each of these bottles was etched with an anniversary year on it. It started with their 1 year anniversary, then 5, 10, 15, and 20 year anniversary. Guests could choose to write them a note on the night of their wedding that they will get to read on that anniversary! It was a fun activity that everyone participated in! Most guests even wrote a note for every anniversary! This will allow Charlotte and Christian the opportunity to be reminded of the love and support that they had all around them the night of their wedding for years to come!

Notebook Place Cards/Guest Book Scrapbook

At this beautiful wedding at The Oxford Hotel in Denver, CO Ali and Brett did something quite unique! They made booklets for each of their guests that had their name table number on the front it. This allowed for each guest to find their seating arrangement quickly and efficiently. When guests picked up their notebooks, they read a message and encouraged them to write the couple a note, or draw them a photo and then tear out that page in their notebooks and put them in a scrapbook that the couple could keep forever! This is another fun, and interactive way that will encourage guests to participate in your guest book. Plus, they are SO CUTE!

There are so many creative and fun ideas that you and your fiancé can discuss when it comes to your guest book! Come up with something that is unique to you as a couple, and that is fun enough that your guests will want to participate in it! We will keep updating this list as we see more creative Guest Books from our clients so keep checking back!


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