Congratulations! You're best friend has asked you to be his Best Man! You now have a very important job in making sure that his wedding day is perfect. Don't worry though, Right as Rayne Events is here to help you out along the way!

Now, on to the nitty gritty: What are some of your responsibilities?

Throw the Bachelor Party

Oh, the infamous bachelor party! A night out with your best friends to celebrate your friend's final nights as a single man! As Best Man, it is your job to plan the perfect night. Talk with the groom and get his ideas about how he would like to spend the evening. Make sure you ask if there are any "terms" or "rules" that the bride and groom have already agreed to, before you start planning. You don't want to force him to do anything that would make him or his future wife uncomfortable.

Also- think about your budget! Before you plan that expensive stag weekend, make sure that everyone can afford it. While that lavish Vegas vacation sound appealing, if not all the guys can afford the trip, it won't be nearly as much fun! Think outside the box to plan something fun that everyone can be a part of. Other than those things, let your imagination run wild!

Coordinate with the Other Groomsmen

As "head groomsman" it is your job to coordinate with the other groomsmen. If you all need to be at the rehearsal at a certain time, or attend a tux fitting, try to take that responsibility from your groom! Get a list of the groomsmen's contact information as soon as possible so that you have it when you need it.

You can also delegate responsibilities to other groomsmen when you need to! If you have too much on your plate, ask on of the other guys to take care of something for you. It is always better to go to one of the other groomsmen before you bother the groom with another task!

Assist with Wedding Prep

There is A TON of things to accomplish before any wedding day, and your groom's future spouse is throwing a million things at him. As soon as he asks you to be his Best Man, ask him what you can assist them with! Especially if your friend has not hired a wedding planer! They might need help calling vendors, scheduling appointments, and making sure that the wedding timeline is being executed to perfection.

You should also offer to attend any pre-wedding appointments that you are able to! This will help alleviate any stress off of the bride and groom, and you will have so much fun! Wedding planning can be a blast, and it's even better when you are sharing that experience with your best friend!

Get Him Down the Aisle!

Any person can experience wedding day jitters! It is a very big step! Calm him down and remind him that she is here for a reason: to marry the love of his life. The morning of the wedding, have fun and laugh with her to take some of the pressure off. If those jitters come, you know the best way to calm him down. He chose you for a reason!

Make sure that he is ready to go when the time comes!

Give a Toast

We know that giving a toast can cause some nerves of your own! Don't worry! Again, he chose you to be his Best Man for a reason. Remember that as you write your speech!

Here are some tips to think about while you are writing:

1. Reference something sweet

2. Don't ramble

3. Practice makes perfect!

4. Be aware of body language

5. Finish on a high note

We recommend starting to write your toast as soon as you know that you are going to have to give one! Take notes through out the wedding planning process. When there is a funny moment, or he talks about how much she loves his fiancé at happy hour: WRITE IT DOWN!

Be a Great Friend!

There is a reason that your friend chose you to stand with him on one of the most important days of his life! You are a great friend! Relax, because at the end of the day that's all you have to be: a great friend!


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