It is no secret that we have entered a new age of weddings. With technology and social media so easily accessible, how can you incorporate these elements into your special day?

Use Electronic Wedding Invitations and Save the Dates

Set the tone for your wedding right away by sending out electronic invitations and save the dates! This is a fun and SIMPLE way to get the word out to your loved ones about your upcoming nuptials. Electronic save the dates are also an easy way to personalize the tone of your wedding. By adding your own photos, and font, you can perfectly capture your excitement to begin your lives together! PLUS, electronic save the dates, guarantee that all of your responses get back to the exact right place! This makes it easy for your guests to check chicken or fish, and you are notified instantly!

Use an Electronic Guest Book

There are several possibilities when it comes to an electronic guest book. Set up a way for guests to write their names on a tablet or computer to keep everything in one place, and keep that line moving!

You can also set up a camera or tablet so that guests can take a selfie or photo of themselves or their group so that you have a permanent memory of their joy and happiness when they were celebrating you and your husband! This is a more personal option than the traditional lined paper guest book. Plus the photos can be easily compiled into a photo album that you can have printed, or added to your favorite social media site!


Try using something like Google Calendar or your favorite scheduling app so that your wedding party and guests are always up to date when there are schedule changes! Things happen, and nothing ever goes exactly as planned. Did your bridesmaids dress fitting change days? No problem! Keep everyone in the loop by updating your scheduling app, and avoid any confusion.

You can also send reminders to everyone subscribed to your schedule about when it is time to move over to your reception or when the dance floor is OPEN!!


The best way to see all the photos that your guests snap during your ceremony and reception is establishing a wedding hashtag! There is no way that you can be everywhere at once! Make sure that you don’t miss a single moment!

Can’t seem to settle on a wedding hashtag? Try using this simple formula: 1. Start with your names 2. Use numbers to make your hashtag unique 3. Get punny 4. Check for availability 5. Spread the word 6. Don’t overthink it You can also use a service like or , and they can take care of the hard work for you! Just tell them a little about yourselves, and your soon to be name, and they will handle all the work for you!

Try looking into having a running feed of your hashtag during your reception. You can rent a projector, connect it to your laptop, and display in real time what your guests are saying about your wedding!!

SnapChat Filter

We are loving this wedding trend that surfaced last year! You know your guests will be snapping all of the fun they will be having on your special day, and make those snaps even better with your own Snapchat Geofilter! Setting up your own filter is super easy!! Add your names and the date to create a special memento your guests will have forever… or at least the next 24 hours!

Photo booths

There are SO MANY options when it comes to photo booths! You don’t have to rent an expensive and heavy photo booth, and have it brought in the day of. Check out these photo booth alternatives! All you have to do is add your own props, and you are good to go!

Movebooth. Movebooth is an awesome tool that allows your guests to immediatly add their photobooth selfies to their social media! Then you can go back at the end of your event and look at every photo that was taken, all set up in a nice photo album for you!

Tapsnap. Tapsnap is a innovative and sleek alternative to your traditional photobooth. You can buy or rent one of their machines, and then access your photos on their website after your wedding! And the best part is: they are fully customizable? Want a special filter or overlay on every phone taken, you got it!

Go the tablet route!! There are several apps that you can download that will give you all the fun of a photobooth, at a fraction of the cost. All you have to do is get a stand for your tablet, (preferably close to an outlet, so that you don’t run out of power and lose any of those precious moments.

Let everyone be your DJ

Are you worried about picking perfect music that your guests will love? Spotify can be your best friend during your wedding reception! (This option works best if you have spotify premium to avoid ads) All you have a do is create a public playlist, and your guests can add their favorite songs to it. Then press shuffle during your reception, and Voila! the perfect setlist for your dance party!


GoPros are a great, portable way to capture all of the events of your special day. But we want to give you a different perspective on using a GoPro at your wedding… put it in your bouquet! Look at your wedding in a different way. There are hardly ever any videos or photos from the bride’s perspective on her special day. But who wants to carry around or hold a device that will throw off your ensemble and look bad in photos of you? This is a subtle way to get some footage from your perspective!

Charging Station

There’s no denying that electronics will be present at your wedding. A lot of the ideas in this article are even HOPING that they will be there. But what is one thing that all of these devices need? Power! It won’t hurt to have a beautifully decorated (this isn’t an amusement park) charging station set up at your reception!! Your guests will thank you and you will be glad that everyone had enough juice to capture all of your special moments during your big day!!


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