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Décor Pack Up!

If you have hired RARE to be your Day of Coordinator, then you have set yourself up to relax and have an easy flowing wedding day! Congratulations!

On your wedding day, we will have a pretty tight window to execute everything you have planned for your big day, so here are some tips to think about when you are getting everything ready to transfer over to us!

  • Try to box things up in a way that makes sense. When ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception decor are all mixed up and spread across 7 different boxes, it can take up a ton of time to sort it all out. We set up one area at a time, so keeping supplies and decor separated by the areas of the event will help us a ton.

  • Unpack/unwrap all the items you can! If you order everything new for your wedding it can seriously help us out for you to remove extra wrapping before the day of your wedding. It can take just as long to cut open boxes and plastic wrap as it does for us to set everything up!

  • Think about everything we will need to properly execute what is in your head! We always bring our supplies and emergency kits with us, but if something special is needed to hang or set up your decor, make sure you throw that in the box too!

  • Think about how to set up your place cards! If we are putting them on the tables, sort them by seating order, but if we are putting them out for guests to pick up, be sure to sort them in alphabetical order before you give them to us!

  • Feel free to label! We will chat with you about all of your decorations ahead of time, but if there is something you want to be done in a specific way or put in a specific place, stick a note on it and we will be sure to follow all instructions.

  • Give us some extras! Oftentimes areas at an event can look a little empty. If you have any extra candles, flowers, lights, photos, etc - put them in a box for us! We are happy to use whatever is left wherever we think it looks best!

  • Think about what you want to happen after the event! Where do you want us to put everything? We will package up all of your gifts and decor for you and load it up. The easiest thing to do is to give your coordinator the keys to the car you would like everything loaded into. We will then pack it up and return the keys! Don't forget that this vehicle needs to stick around for up to an hour after the event ends!

The quicker we can get your event set up, the more time we have to give attention to your guests, the little details, and most importantly you! We greatly appreciate you setting us up the best you can for a quick and smooth setup and break down during your event!

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