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Gotta Make It Legal!

Marriage licenses can be pretty confusing! Every state has different rules, and it isn't something that is ever really discussed until you need one. Here is a complete A-Z breakdown on all things "making it legal!'

  • Applying for the license:

  • Check out what paperwork and details you will need to apply for the license in the state of your wedding. Here is an awesome website for this info!

  • You will need:

  • current photo identification such as a driver’s license or passport

  • proof of citizenship and/or residence

  • a birth certificate to show your age

  • proof of parental consent and/or court consent if underage

  • a death certificate if you are widowed

  • divorce decree if you are divorced

  • and sometimes blood test results.

  • One or both of the members of the couple will have to appear in person at a courthouse, city hall, or town office and sign the marriage license application in the presence of the clerk and pay a fee to submit the application. The marriage license is either mailed or picked up by the couple.

  • Determine what municipality (city, district, and county) you will be getting married in, because this is where you will need to submit your application and where you will get your license from!

  • Denver: Denver County Clerk and Recorder's office ($30)

  • Santa Fe: Santa Fe County Clerks Office ($25)

  • Houston: Harris County Clerks Office ($71)

  • Check on the timing! Different cities have different time requirements between applications, and when your wedding can take place.

  • Colorado: No waiting period

  • New Mexico: No waiting period

  • Texas: 72 hours

Here are the websites for the County Clerks Offices with marriage license information for our three RARE branches:

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