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Guest List Guidance

When it comes to creating your guest list we actually suggest that you create three guest lists!

1. All of the people that you 100% want to be there!

2. The people you would like to be there, but won't be upset if they aren't.

3. The people that you feel like you should invite, but their presence is not too important to you.

Also, we recommend asking your parents for guest lists of who is important for them to have there.

From there, you can decide how many people you want, and use these lists as a tool to decide your final invite numbers.

RARE TIP: Enter your list into a space that is collaborative! We suggest The Knot. They let you upload your list, enter in the guest information, keep track of RSVPs, and add food details if needed.

Try and be realistic with your budget and venue! If you choose a number of guests that is larger than your venue can hold, or more than your budget can support you will be stressed out to receive every RSVP that comes in. Conservative is always better!

Make some rules to follow, and ACTUALLY follow them!

Here are some examples:

Rule 1: If neither of you has spoken to or met them or heard their name before, don't invite them.

Rule 2: Not crazy about inviting children to your party? Don't feel bad about having an adults-only wedding.

Rule 3: If neither of you has spoken to them in three years and they're not related to you, don't invite them.

Rule 4: If there's anyone who's on the list because you feel guilty about leaving them off (maybe because you were invited to their wedding or they're friends with lots of people who are invited), don't invite them.

RARE TIP: If you are doing paper RSVP cards, include the guest's name on them to keep them from cramming other people's names on their RSVP card.

Quick Facts!!

  • About 83% of invitees end up attending an in-town wedding.

  • About 60% of invitees end up attending a destination wedding.

  • For a destination wedding, send out Save the Dates 8-12 months before. For an in-town wedding, send out Save the Dates 6-4 months in advance.

  • For a destination wedding, send out invitations 3-4 months before. For an in-town wedding, send out invitations 6-8 weeks in advance.

Plus One Rules

  1. People who are married should get a plus one.

  2. Any couples who are engaged live together or who have been dating for over a year should get a plus-one.

  3. Extending a plus-one to everyone in your wedding party is something we usually recommend.

  4. Someone who is traveling and may not know anyone else should get a plus one to make them more comfortable,

  5. Guests who are casually dating, are coworkers or are not that close with you do NOT need a plus one.

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