With Earth Day coming up on April 22nd, 2019 we decided to show you how to have an amazing "green" wedding. This styled shoot (by our fabulous Jamie Flower) will give you some amazing ideas about how to reduce, reuse, and recycle all without sacrificing style and elegance!

Everything from invitation that were recycled to puzzle pieces (from thrift store) for guest book were environmentally friendly/”green”.

As far as how the shoot was eco-friendly:

  • The Venue: Clear Creek History Park / Golden, CO This park is beautifully located along the Clear Creek and includes original housing, farming, and gardening from the late 1800"s. It has stunning organic photo ops and is perfect for Green Wedding Ceremony and/or Reception Site.

  • Flowers by A Florae are locally grown. Attached is a photo of where Rachel Mann of A Florae bought the beautiful flowers! The bouquet was made of mostly cabbage leaves with the purple trim which definitely made a statement!

  • Cupcakes by Church of Cupcakes were locally-sourced, organic, tasty and eco-friendly.

  • Invitation by KandVCrafts which was handmade, recycled, and eco-friendly.

  • Reused Tux and Sample Wedding Gown used

  • As far as decor... All of the items were collected by or hand made by Vintage Rentals, A Florae, Carrie Swails, and Weddings by Jamie Flower.

  • Guestbook - Puzzle reused by turning over the pieces and using each piece for the guest to write a little note on. In the end you can put the puzzle pieces together and frame it. Using a Sharpie pen which has teamed up with Terracycle to recycle and reuse all of sharpies materials.

  • Favors - Small plants or trees for each guest to take home and plant.

  • Broken mirrors changed into chalkboards can be used over and over again to leave notes instead of using paper.

  • Vintage or old bottles, vases, and mason jars are great to use as vases for flowers.

  • Old books are fun to use here and there and make a statement.

  • Table numbers made of a reused page from an old book put into an old frame.

  • Table made out of an old door and pipes for legs.

  • Guestbook/Cake Table was an old vintage desk.

  • Table Settings were vintage and mismatched china, silverware, and glasses.

  • Chairs were vintage mismatched chairs.

  • Vintage necklace and gloves.

New statistics indicate that the average wedding  produces over 400 lbs of trash, keep in mind that the same wedding will rack up, on the average of 63 tons of carbon dioxide.  While your crunching all those numbers multiply that times 2.2 million weddings per year. That's a pretty big footprint...

Great ways to reduce and reuse:

  • Use stuff from around the house, you find at antique or thrift stores, or rent from vintage rental places. Items include: jars, vases, books, china, silverware, glasses, furniture, candles, fabric (lace and burlap like we used in shoot), and more (truly anything that could make a statement and you would like involved in your decor for your big day).

  • Make sure your favors leave a green statement by giving them a small tree to plant; or a bag of seeds that they can plant. Use recycled boxes or bags for anything you give out.

  • Use bikes as your transportation.

  • Buy the wedding dress off the rack as a sample instead of having them have to make another one. An average wedding dress uses 7-10 tons of carbon (that's 1.8 acres of forest).

  • Let your bridesmaids wear their own dresses.

  • Have the groom and groomsmen rent their tuxes instead of buying them.

  • Make chalkboards out of broken frames or mirrors to write notes instead of wasting paper.

  • Ask your vendors to send you contracts via email instead of paper contracts.

  • Have recycling bins not just trash cans at venue.

  • Pick flowers that are in-season and grown locally. Flowers that have to be flown in might be beautiful but aren't eco-friendly.

  • Choose a caterer that uses locally grown and organic food.

  • Use reused linens.

  • Choose invitations that are made of recycled paper and eco-friendly!

There are many ways to have an eco-friendly wedding without sacrificing style and elegance!


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