Here are a few things that Right as Rayne Events has learned about working with the men involved in your wedding day!

Let Your Groom Take Charge!

Let your responsibilities involving your groomsmen be ones that you can pass off to your future husband! Give him the opportunity to take charge and range his men! Looking for the perfect gift to send out to invite them to be a part of your special day? Let your man pick them out! He can tell them when to show up and where, make sure they have all their appropriate attire, and keep them in line on the day!

Get Them Some Awesome Swag!

Nothing says thank-you like some amazing bridal party gifts! Like we said in the take charge section, this is a great task that you can pass off to your future husband! Make your friends and family feel appreciated, with thoughtful and personal gifts! Think of things that they will actually use after your wedding is over, but something that will make them remember all the fun that you shared!

The Infamous Bachelor Party

Some important things to remember: IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN. You get to have your exciting night with your ladies, and he gets to do the same with his guys! Communicate your limits to each other during the planning of each party and then relax! Your groomsmen are just as loyal to you as they are to your groom, they will take care of your future hubby!

They Make Great Ushers!

Let your handsome men show off their suits by escorting your wedding guests to their seats before the ceremony! A traditional approach you can consider: "Always seat the oldest woman first if several guests arrive together." Have them arrive at the ceremony site at least 45 minutes early to review special seating requirements.

Let Them Have Fun!

It can be stressful when your to-do list keeps growing and your fiancé and his friends are joking and playing around. but remember, you all share a common goal: to make your special day as fun, and exciting as it can be! Let them be themselves and share in the joy of your wedding! You'll be thankful for the laughter!

Quality Clothing is Not Just For the Ladies!

You have been searching and searching and altering and crying and toasting with champagne over the perfect dress, why not let your man have the same experience? Okay, he may not want the crying or the months of searching, but what he is going to wear on your wedding day is just as important! Plus, he will even wear his suit again! Let him take the time and spend the money to get a great piece of clothing that he can wear for years to come, (and will always remind him of your wedding day!)

Don't Forget About the Little Men!

Don't forget about one of the most adorable parts of your wedding: your ring bearer! No one wants to worry about your little man making it down the aisle! Help your little guy feel special, so when the time comes to walk down the aisle, he will know what an important job he has!


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