You may have noticed that Right as Rayne Events does not have a "Day Of Coordination" package. That is because our coordination package gives you so much more! We believe that you deserve the best from your coordinators so we renamed our most booked package "Month Of Coordination" to prove our commitment our clients and to making their wedding day special!

1) We believe that it is important to have a relationship with your Coordinator!

We can understand how stressful it would be to hand over one of the most important days of your life to a total stranger! We like to take the time to get to know our clients, and their wants and needs WAY before the wedding date approaches. It takes time to build respect and trust between people in any relationship, your coordinating relationship should be no different.

2) Proper Coordination takes time!

There is a lot that goes in to coordinating a wedding. From reaching out to vendors, to creating the perfect timeline, it takes time and attention to create the perfect day. We never want to tell our clients "sorry, we will discuss this closer to your wedding because we aren't contracted to help you... yet." From the minute you sign your contract we are at your disposal to answer any questions that you may have, all while beginning to reach out to your vendors and building your timeline.

3) We like to visit the space with you before your wedding day!

Walk throughs are so important to your Right as Rayne Events coordinators. We love to get in to the space with you and walk through where each table will be placed, and where you would like each floral arrangement. These walk throughs give you and your coordinator a better sense about what your wedding day will actually look like! We typically like to book these a month out from your wedding date if possible! (There are some exceptions where there is travel involved.) Imagine your coordinator showing up THE DAY OF YOUR WEDDING and you are having to discuss where to put your guest book!

4) And lastly... can you keep a secret?? Right as Rayne Events gives you MORE than just one month of coordination!

We said above that we get to work on your wedding the moment you sign your contract, and that is 100% true! Immediately you are give access to our private work space where you and your coordinator can share ideas, and communicate easier! And even during those "slow planning times" where you feel there isn't much to get done, your coordinator will continue to check in and make sure that you are booking, fitting, and choosing all the right things at the right times!

Here are some of the services included in Right as Rayne Events' "Month Of Coordinating" package:

  • Initial meeting to discuss wedding vision and details

  • Access to Workplace

  • Professional Advice

  • Access to our Preferred Vendors List (Specific vendor sourcing can be provided for an additional charge.)

  • Monthly Emails leading up to the wedding

  • Timeline Creation

  • Vendor Management from one month before the event

  • Vendor Confirmation one month and one week out from the event

  • Pick up of all needed decor for the setup of the wedding

  • One hour rehearsal direction

  • Onsite Wedding management and execution of wedding day for up to 12 hours

  • Vendor Assistance and Management day of the event

  • Set up and Strike of decor

  • Coordination of Vendor day of Payments

  • Set up and Strike of decor

  • Access to our Bridal emergency kit

  • Gathering of Gifts and personal items

We hope this gives you some clarity on the services that Right as Rayne Events can provide for you and your special day!

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