We have all heard the saying. You need Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue for your wedding. But why? I was thinking about it and I don’t think I know the answer. Where did this tradition come from? Why is it blue? Who wants to borrow something to carry around with you on your special day? Well… let’s find out together.

This tradition stems from an Old English rhyme:

“Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, A Sixpence in your Shoe", these four items that the bride carries with her on her wedding day are good luck charms. While the “Sixpence in your Shoe” remains a primarily English tradition, some brides have adopted it for their weddings here in the states.

Don’t stress about these items!

All of these things will mean different things to different people, and the only person it should matter to, is YOU. Don’t worry about finding the perfect thing to please your future spouse or your family members. This is your good luck charm, that you can use to honor your past, present, and future!

Something Old:

Represents continuity. This is a way of accepting that your past is going to be part of and inform your future.

Look to your family members for this one. Chances are there is a beautiful trinket or heirloom that has been in your family for generations that your mom and her mom carried with them on their wedding day.

If you strike out there, look to YOURSELF! You don’t have to rely on your family to make your wedding day special. Look and see what you have in your life that will remind you of who you are as a person, without being part of a couple. It is so important to hang on to who were when you were by yourself so you can truly appreciate the love and support that your partner is giving you.

Options: Family photos, pieces of your mom’s wedding dress, a special necklace, a piece of fabric sewn into your dress, your dad's cufflinks, any family heirloom, etc.

Something New:

Represents optimism for the future. This is a way to get excited about your new life together.

Look to your partner for this one. Finding the Something New item can be a perfect way to involve your future spouse in your wedding decisions, and test how well you can decide on making a purchase TOGETHER. You can also look to this item while you are getting ready and separated from your partner, and it will bring you joy and excitement for what you are about to do.

This can also be an item that you pick out for yourself. You can use this as an opportunity to spoil yourself before your wedding! You have been thinking of the right food to serve your guests, and where they will all sit, and if they will be having fun, it is okay to take a second and focus on you! Pick an item that you can look to to bring a smile to your face if something doesn’t go exactly according to plan.

OR you can wait and see what swanky wedding gifts you may have already received or something from your bridal shower and use that!

Options: jewelry, a sweater or wrap, a headpiece, veil, a gift from your future spouse, a special wedding present, literally ANYTHING new, etc.

Something Borrowed:

Represents borrowed happiness. This is gives you the opportunity to channel another bride’s happiness from her wedding day, to yours.

You can choose to borrow whatever you would like from whoever you would like, but the tradition comes from “borrowing the happiness” from another bride. Carrying one of her items with you will serve as a good luck charm on you own wedding day.

Then again, this is your day! Borrow whatever you would like to make you happy on your day!

Options: One of your fiancé’s ties, a handkerchief, something that belongs to your maid of honor or best man, jewelry or a token from someone else in your wedding party, etc.

Something Blue:

Represents purity, love, and fidelity. There are so many options when it comes to this category. You can add blue elements to your flowers, your shoes, or just put it right into your color scheme!

Options: EVERYTHING. Shoes, dresses, flowers, jewelry, etc.

The Optional Sixpence:

This is a wish for good fortune and prosperity! If your shoes will allow it, and if it won’t be uncomfortable, stick a coin in your shoe for good luck!

Hopefully this can inform you when you are looking into your own wedding traditions and what you would like to include in your special day! Choose traditions and include things that reflect who you are, who you are as a couple, and what makes you both happy!


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