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#RealWeddings: Groomsmen Proposal Boxes

Hi everyone! Most of you know me as a Planner with Right as Rayne Events, but what you may not know is that I am also planning my OWN wedding! I thought it would be fun to share some things that I am doing and learning throughout my planning process and maybe it would be helpful to my other Brides out there!

Now that we had created some amazing proposal boxes for our bridesmaids, we knew the bar was very high for our groomsmen and groomswoman! We thought about gifts that would represent Kai and his friendship with these people rather than the stereotypical groomsmen gifts. The flasks and cigars weren't very "Kai" and again, we wanted to stay away from items that said "Groomsman" or specific wedding-related sayings on them so that they would want to use these items after the wedding!

After some thought, we realized that one thing that IS very Kai is games! He loves all things games and even wants his bachelor party to be a weekend just playing games. So we selected items that fit this "game" theme.

First off, I wanted to say that I used a couple of different programs to personalize items in these boxes. I am a HUGE Canva addict, I use it for everything and I own a Cricut machine. I was able to create all of my designs in Canva and then upload the ones that needed to be cut out into Cricut Design Space.


We decided to go with simple cardboard boxes for these gifts. We didn't imagine that they would want to keep a clear plastic box around or have a use for them so we selected this pack of 10 boxes for $13.69.


We found these amazing tumblers with over 1,000 5-star reviews on Amazon and knew they would be perfect gifts for the groomspeople! Also, they each came with 2 different straws and a straw cleaning brush! Since these boxes were game-themed, we cricut-ed each of their Gamertags onto the tumbers. We found this set of 6 for $37.39!

Playing Card Bottle Openers

How cool are these bottle openers?? They are a heavy metal and look just like a playing card, but the spade in the middle is cut out and can open bottles! They fit perfectly in your wallet so you always have a bottle opener handy. We found this set of 5 for $10.99.

Video Game Masks

Everyone is wearing a mask these days, so we figured that would be a great gift! We found these awesome face masks that have video game controllers on them. They came in a set of 4 for $22.99.

As you can see Kai has 5 groomspeople and those masks only came in a pack of 4. This worked out perfectly though because my brother, Kenneth, prefers the gator-style face masks that go around your neck. We were able to find one of those in the same pattern! I cannot find the exact one we ordered anymore, but here is one that is similar for $5.54.


Anyone who knows Kai knows how much he loves Dungeons and Dragons! Those who play can never have too many sets of dice so when we found this set of 6 for $14.99 we knew we couldn't pass it up! Kai loved that they came in 6 different colors with 6 different dragons on the bags. He spent time carefully selecting who would get what color of dice and which dragon they would have on their bag.

Acrylic Keychains

One way that Kai and I are making our wedding unique is by getting rid of the term “Bridal Party”. We wanted to use a more inclusive term that would represent both men and women. We expanded that further by wanting to use a name that would include everyone who has a special part during our wedding including our Vendors and important family members. This is when the “Brew Crew” was born. We thought it was a fun title to give our group since Kai’s last name is Brewer and our hashtag is #bouttimebrewers. I wanted to have something small that had “Brew Crew” on it to brand our wedding a little bit, but that wouldn’t be too large and annoying for people to have with them. I found these keychains on Amazon and knew they were the perfect thing! They came in a pack of 36 keychains for $12.99.

36 Pieces Acrylic Transparent Circle Discs and 36 Pieces Key Chains Clear Round Acrylic Keychain Blanks for DIY Projects and Crafts, 2 Inch


I had some leftover flowers from the box that I ordered for our bridesmaids so we included one dark purple flower (all the boutonniere vibes!) in each of the boxes. I think this was the perfect finishing touch to remind them that this is all for a wedding!

Minimalist Drawing

I am sure that everyone has seen these “minimalist drawings” online and I am obsessed with them. I think they are so cute! And after I purchased one for my bridesmaids I knew that we needed one for Kai's people as well!

I messaged an artist on Etsy and asked if it would be possible for her to create one drawing from several different photos. Kai's Groomspeople do not live in the same area and most of them have never met each other, so I didn’t have one photo for her to reference. She agreed and I started searching for photos. I found a good selfie and body photo of each person and included their hair color and height so she could create an accurate drawing. I also sent her photos of tuxes that we loved. Somehow she took all of those photos and made this beautiful image! I am so happy with it and it was a great way to visualize all the Groomspeople together despite them living in different parts of the country! I had the 5×7 cards of the drawing printed at Office Depot. The artist was KayleeReneDesigns and you can find her Etsy shop here:

Wedding Mood Board

One of the first steps of wedding planning is narrowing down your vision. Sift through all of those pins on your wedding board and try to get a clearer image of what your wedding day will look like. My wedding mood board went through several stages, but once we landed on this version I knew that this is what I wanted my wedding to look like! I wanted to include my mood board in my proposal boxes so that our wedding party would have an idea of what the wedding would look like and how they would fit into it. I had 5×7 cards printed at Home Depot.


I created the cards in Canva using our wedding fonts. We learned our lesson from the Bridesmaids' proposal boxes (since at the time we sent these out we had selected a wedding venue and a date) and changed the saying to "We know when and we know where now we just need you to be there!" Then I added the “Will you join our #BrewCrew as a Groomsman (Best Man for Shea and Groomswoman for Allie)” graphic that I also created in Canva underneath. And then very small at the bottom I added the logo that I created for Kai and me.

Overall, I am so so happy with the way these proposal boxes turned out! We ended up spending about $21 per person which is not bad at all! Everyone told us how much they loved them and I am so excited to finally have officially asked our wedding party to stand with us at our wedding!

And They All Said Yes!

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