We get lots of questions about the difference between your Wedding Coordinator/Planner vs. an on-site Venue Coordinator. We understand that it can be confusing as the titles of these jobs are so similar, but these two people do VERY different things! Right as Rayne Events is here to help you differentiate between the two!

Let's start at the beginning:

Who Employs the Wedding Coordinator vs. Who Employs the Venue Coordinator?

The Wedding Coordinator: is hired by YOU! You schedule a consultation with a Wedding Coordinator and you have the opportunity to see how you mesh together. You can see if you like their energy, and view some examples of their work, and make an informed decision about the person who will be following you around on your special day.

The Venue Coordinator: is hired BY THE VENUE! The venue conducted interviews with several different candidates and picked the ones who best represent the ideals and image of their venue. Once you select your venue and sign your contract, the venue will then designate one of their coordinators to over see your special day. You are booking the venue, not a specific person to coordinate.

What Are the Responsibilities of the Wedding Coordinator vs. the Venue Coordinator?

The responsibilities of the Wedding Coordinator begin as soon as your wedding planning begins. They are there beside you to help keep you on track with your planning timeline, and there to answer any questions that you may have along the way. A wedding coordinator reaches out to all of the vendors before the wedding to make sure everyone and everything is confirmed, what time they are arriving, and what they are providing (all the logistics!) where as the venue coordinator usually does not reach out to any of the vendors. A wedding coordinator is there from start to finish by the couples side helping the flow of the evening go just right by telling the wedding party and vendors when things are occurring through out the entire day and guide everyone in that direction. Their main priority is the couple.

The responsibilities of the Venue Coordinator begin much closer to your wedding date. Venue coordinators manage the venue and staff. The venue coordinator choreographs and helps with the ceremony where as the venue coordinator does not - especially if the ceremony is off site. The venue coordinator will usually only stay until after the food has been served and then someone else stays (usually in a back office) until clean up and will inspect everything is taken care of at the end of the night as far as the venue goes. Their job is to make sure the rules of the venue are followed and that if vendors have any questions about the venue they have the answers. They also help with lights and stereo systems the venue provides if needed. Their main priority is the venue.

Wedding Coordinator's Timeline vs. Venue Coordinator's Timeline.

Your Wedding Coordinator creates a timeline that details every part of your wedding day (and often a couple days before and after). They will schedule your time to get ready, the arrival of all your vendors, when the photos will be taken, dinner/cocktail hour, special dances etc. Anything that has to do with the couple on the day, the Wedding Coordinator has it perfectly planned out.

The Venue Coordinator's timeline looks a little bit different. While it may be just as detailed, it will include things like when their staff needs to clock in, what time they need to have specific tables and room elements set up, when breakdown and clean up should be complete etc. Anything that has to do with the venue on the day, the Venue Coordinator has it perfectly planned out.

Both of these people provide tremendous support on your wedding day! It is important to know the difference between these two jobs, so that you can manage your expectations and delegate different responsibilities accordingly. You wouldn't ask your Venue Coordinator to be available to receive your wedding flowers that will be delivered the morning of your wedding... your Wedding Coordinator would be happy to do this for you! And you wouldn't ask your Wedding Coordinator to unlock and lock up the venue for you... but your Venue Coordinator would be happy to! Knowing the difference between these two people on your wedding team will make for a smother and happier planning process!


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