When planning your wedding day, you don't want to forget about your signage! It is important to clearly mark areas and pieces of your wedding to direct your guests where you want them to go, and to create a nice "flow" of your wedding. Signs can be ordered, handwritten, printed out, or built! Having signs that look the similar help create a theme and sense of togetherness throughs your wedding day. Here are some suggestions of where these signs can best serve your wedding day.

1. Welcome Sign

This one seems like a no brainer! You want to create a sign that welcomes your guests when they arrive to your wedding. Especially if your wedding is at a venue that will have other events on the same day like a hotel, or a venue that has multiple spaces. You want to make sure that your guests are able to easily find your wedding, and deter other people who were not invited away from your space.

2. Programs

If you will not have ushers handing out programs, you can opt for a simple basket and a sign that says "programs". This will allow your guests to grab a program as they head to their seat for the ceremony. Clearly marking this space tells your guests that they are allowed to take a program, whereas if they just saw a stack of programs sitting out they might wonder if someone forgot to set them out, or if they are extra, or if the area is not even fully set up yet.

3. "Choose a Seat, Not a Side"

Choosing a side of the ceremony to sit down is quickly becoming a thing of the past. You find now that most guests know the couple equally as they have been friends for a while, or the families grew up together, so choosing a side can be difficult.

An added bonus of this sign is that you are promoting the joining of your two sides! From day one you are telling your guests that everyone is now a part of this new family that you are creating together.

4. Guest Book Sign

Using the same design, you can create a sign to set next to your guest book. This is especially if you have an "unconventional" guest book. Clearly print out the directions and what you want your guests to do with your guest book.

5. Social Media Tagging

If you are creating a #hashtag or a way for your guests to post on social media: make sure that your guests know about it! We recommend printing several of these and placing them throughout the ceremony and reception space. You will love going back through the photos that your guests tag you in!

6. Bar Area

Everyone wants to know where they can go to get their drink on! We recommend having some signs in the bar area to direct your guests where to go. Having a sign in the bar area is especially important if you have some specialty crafted cocktails that are unique to your wedding.

7. Cake Table

Keeping with your theme, you can create a sign to place on your cake and desserts table. This will help keep your theme consistent throughout the reception and it looks great in photos. Plus, sometimes you don't have your cake out during the entire reception, so this helps mark where the cake will go when it is time for it to be revealed!

8. Guest Gifts

You worked hard on selecting the perfect gifts for your guest to take home to remember your wedding day, so make sure that your guests actually take them home! Have a sign clearly marked that says what the gift is, and if they can just take one and go, or if there are any other steps involved.

We hope that this has given you some ideas on what signage you need at your wedding!


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