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Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner

1. You Need Help Focusing Your Vision!

Most people have been dreaming about their wedding day since they were little girls. From that time, till now you probably have had several different visions about what that special day will look like. A Wedding Planner can help you sort through your thoughts and help you land on the exact right theme and vision for your wedding. Your planner has compiled research and experience to give you all of your options before deciding what the perfect fit is for your special day!

2. Planners Have All the Hook-ups!

It can be a bit overwhelming when you begin to look at vendors. Venues, catering, and photographers can be confusing to choose from when you haven't worked with them before. Your planner has! They will also know about vendors who won't come up in a Google search, and they may end up being the perfect fir for your wedding! Planners have developed relationships with vendors in your area and might even have special discounts and offers to help you save money on your special day! Don't let the long list of vendors in your area create unnecessary stress when planning your wedding!

3. Your Family and Friends Are Not Your Wedding Planner!

You friends and family want to help as much as they can when planning your wedding. They love you and want your day to be as magical as you do. However, their most important job is to celebrate and join in your happiness on the day! You want your loved ones to be dancing and having fun, rather than moving tables, standing on top of ladders hanging lights, or tracking down vendors. On top of their jobs and every day responsibilities, don't have them worry about the time-consuming tasks that are a part of planning your wedding. Let them have fun and celebrate with you!

4. Wedding Planning is a Full Time Job!

Wedding planning is a full time job, and Planners understand that their clients have other responsibilities in their lives! You have to go to work, maintain a social life, dream of your perfect day, and of course... spend some quality time with your fiancé! Let someone else dedicate the time leading up to your to your big day! Planners have all the check lists, and timeline necessary to make sure your wedding goes off without a hitch! They are also prepared to handle any smaller problems that ay arise on the day! Even when things don't go exactly according to plan, your Wedding Planner will be prepared to handle it! Plus, they will have a blast doing it!

5. We Want You to be 100% Present on Your Wedding Day!

Same as your family and friends, we don't want you to have to worry about the small stuff on your special day! Let your planner take care of all of that for you! There are several details that should be executed perfectly and it is not your responsibility to worry about those things! While your ceremony is taking place, we will be setting up for your reception, organizing your gifts, and making sure your photographer is ready to capture your favorite moments. We want you to present and loving every moment of the start of your lives as a married couple!

6. Planners Make Sure Everything Runs On-time!

It is a full time job making sure everything happens exactly when it is supposed to happen during a wedding. From organizing your vendors, corralling your wedding party, and making sure that your beautiful wedding cake is cut, there is a lot to do! It isn't your job to handle all of this, it is your job to get married! Let your Planner make sure your loved ones get up at the prices right time to give their toasts, and let them give the cue to throw the confetti. We will also make sure you know exactly where you should be, exactly when you should be there so you have zero stress on the day!

7. Wedding Planners Bring a Calming Energy to Your Wedding Day!

Right as Rayne Events Wedding Planners are all extremely personable and share your dream in making your wedding the best day of your life. It is nice to have someone there to direct all of your wedding day jitters, and stresses to. Your planner is there for you, whatever you need! Let them share in your joy and happiness as your enter the next chapter in your life! We can't wait to work with you!

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