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This set comes with 3 glass candle base holders, and 3 glass chimneys to cover the candles. Please see the photo below for a sizing diagram. 


Inventory: (16) 3 piece sets 


$15 per set without candles 

$230 for all 16 sets without candles ($10 discount)

$30 per set with candles + $30 total for candle shipping

$460 for all 16 sets with candles + $30 total for candle shipping


1 order = (1) 3 piece set

Choice of color options included in product photos and in the product options for your selection. 


3 Piece Taper Candle Sets

  • If we provide the candles, there will not be an additional cleaning fee as we know they are dripless. If you purchase your own candles, and candle holders are returned with wax residue, there will be a cleaning fee of $1 for each base and each hurricane that needs cleaning. 

  • If any items come back broken or cracked, you will be charged the full cost to replace the items including shipping within 30 days of the return of the items. 

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